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‚ÄčWelcome to the World Headquarters of NetZerver.

We provide reliable, automatic Backup Appliances and Software with both Local and Secure Cloud storage of your Backup data.

Let us Monitor and Manage your Daily Backup processesMost Businesses today can not operate without their computer systems and Business data. When files are accidentally deleted or when storage systems fail, timely restoration of those systems is critical. Having fast dependable access to Backup data is critical to returning the business to an operational state.

NetZerver can provide both the Backup software and the the Storage Hardware that facilitates cost effective Disaster recovery for any small to medium business.

We also provide Backup Management and Monitoring services at a very modest cost. We can ensure that your systems are properly backed up and assist with recovery and restoration of a lost file or, a restoration of a complete system.

Cloud Backup and Monitoring