NetZerver®, FileZerver®, ProZerver®, Zerver®, and ZerverModule® are Registered Trademarks
------ FileZerver® ------- Robust Storage appliances for Local and Remote Backup Repository
Our FileZerver® Network Attached Storage system will contain your Local backup data using Raid 1, Raid 5, or Raid 6 protection with capacities from 100 GB to 120 TB in each appliance.

Rack mount and Tower configurations available with single or redundant power supplies
FileZervers are based on our easy to implement "ZerverModule" firmware and standard off-the-shelf hardware. We can even re-purpose one of your obsolete Windows or Linux Servers to a FileZerver for a very small fee.

FileZervers can also be used to remotely monitor other network subsystems using SNMP and forward the SNMP results and status to a central Monitoring system.
Multiple FileZervers can be easily synchronized on a periodic schedule to replicate your Backup repository data off-site to another FileZerver or to our Secure Data center.
Installation, setup, and training available. We also offer Month-to-Month rental and Leasing.